Dr. E.E. Furtch has a CD out entitled, "THE LORD BREAKS YOU THROUGH".  You really need it. 

In this sermon, you will learn that it does not matter, how bad it looks.  It does not matter where you are now in this bad situation.  If the Lord breaks you through, you will improve, instead of getting worse.    GET YOUR CD TODAY!




There are many people in this world that are living in bondage because of strongholds in their lives.  They have just gotten used to it.  They say things like, "That's just the way that I am."  Some of the reasons for the strongholds is ancestral sins or iniquities, and personal sins.  There is hope for them to break free.  The video deals with how to be free.  Get it today.

Are you tired of being tired?  Are you sick of being sick?  Are you tired of failure in business, academics, career, etc?  This is a book that enables you to take charge of the day.  This is a book that empowers you to de-program the agenda of the enemy from your day and install the divine agenda. 

This book will teach you how to command the day and shake wickedness that is working against you out of the atmosphere.  All Christians, interested in fulfilling their destinies, should have a copy of this book.

The subject of prayer covers a wide range of areas.  Thre are specefic prayer patterns for specific areas of needs.  A lot of people, as a result of being surrounded by enemies are searching desperately for help.  This book is written with understanding and maturity for students in the school of spiritual warfare who desire victory over the enemy.