This page gives us the opportunity to introduce our Pastor and First Lady.

He received Jesus and was baptized by Pastor O.L. Lipscomb at the age of 9.  At the age of 24, he accepted his call into the gospel ministry under the leadership of Pastor J.W. Wallace. 

Dr. Furtch's first pastorate was in Detroit, Texas at the Union Baptist Church, and he was there 17 years.  God began to use him mightily in 1984 in the healing ministry.  He would lay hands on the sick and pray, and God would heal them.  In 1990 there was another milestone.  God called him into the miracle ministry.  In that Sunday morning service, he prayed differently and layed hands on no one.  He commanded sickness, diseases, and infirmities to leave the people as they stood at the altar.  To his amazement people gave testimonies of being healed from back problems, arthritis, and many other diseases. 

He has a television ministry which can be seen in the Ft. Worth, Texas area.  He also has a television program along with his wife on the Genesis Television Network, entitled "The Anointing Destroys The Yoke".  He now pastors THE ANOINTED CHURCH in Ft. Worth, Texas, where the presence of God is made manifest in every service.  People come in sick and are healed at their seats. There have been testimonies of people being healed of cancer, heart problems, high blood pressure, carpal tunnel syndrome, lupus, diabetes, lymes disease, and other diseases.  He operates in the five fold ministry and all nine gifts of the Spirit.  He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Personnel & Human Resources Management from East Texas State University, a Master of Theology degree from International Seminary, and he graduated Cum Laude with a Doctor Of Ministry degree from University of Biblical Studies & Seminary.  Dr. Furtch is married to the lovely and powerfully anointed Prophetess Rosetta Davis-Furtch, and has three daughters: Mia, Rosalind, and Galatha.



Dr. Furtch was born to Edward and Mae Dell Furtch.  He is the brother of Pastor Erie D. Furtch.  Before starting to public school, he would often be found in the living room beating on the coffee table shouting the 24th Psalm.  "Who is the King of Glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle,etc."  

At the age of 4 years old, Dr. Furtch was strickened by a sickness that made him unable to walk.  The doctor said that he would never walk again.  One night he went to bed and his mother knelt at the foot of his bed and prayed.  The next morning when he woke up, Jesus told him to put his feet on the floor, stand up, and walk.  Before this, he would not have been able to put his feet on the floor because of the pain, but that morning was different.  He walked into the kitchen where his mother was singing, and when she saw him, she shouted, cried, and rejoiced!


Prophetess Furtch was born to parents, Marshall and Emma D. Davis.  She is the 12th of 14 children.  She received a prophecy at the age of 16 from an evangelist that said, she would marry a young minister and they would have a great ministry.  It happened!

Prophetess Furtch is a power-packed, and seasoned woman of God who walks in a great anointing.  She is a licensed and ordained minister of the Gospel.  She is a national evangelist.  She conducts Prophetic, Healing, and Anointing services in churches of various denominations.  She is highly sought out to preach and minister in conferences.  God has blessed her to get out the Gospel message of His saving, healing, and delivering power via television.  The telecast can be seen in the Fort Worth, Texas area, and is entitled, "Women of Power."  She is on the Genesis Television Network with her husband, and their program is simulcast around the world on the internet.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education.  She is a teacher and Educational Consultant specializing in Reading Curriculums.

It was prophesied to her that God said that not one word that is spoken by her as she speaks prophetically shall fall to the ground.  It is happening!

We look forward to seeing you as you come by to be in one of these powerfully anointed services.  Come expecting to experience God's manifest presence and power in the service.  See you this week!